Nextera Flex for Enrichment

Catalog IDs:  20025523, 20025524

This is the support page for Nextera Flex for Enrichment for whole exome sequencing, targeted enrichment, and targeted resequencing.  If running the Nextera DNA Flex workflow for whole genome sequencing, refer to the support page for Nextera DNA Flex.

Product Description

Nextera Flex for Enrichment is a fast, integrated workflow for a wide range of applications providing targeted resequencing for custom panels, fixed panels, and whole exome enrichment using oligo panels from Illumina and third party vendors meeting specified requirements.

Enrichment probe panels and IDT for Illumina Nextera UD Indexes are sold separately.

Input Requirements

This protocol is compatible with double-stranded high-quality gDNA input from 10 ng to 1000 ng, extracted FFPE input from 50 ng to 1000 ng, blood samples processed with the Flex Lysis Reagent Kit and Blood Lysis protocol, and saliva samples processed with the Saliva Lysis protocol.

Sample Input Type Quantification of Input DNA Required Required DNA Input Quantity Normalized Pre-Enriched Library Yield
10–49 ng genomic DNA Yes 260/280 ratio of 1.8–2.0  No
50–1000 ng genomic DNA No 260/280 ratio of 1.8–2.0  Yes
50–1000 ng extracted FFPE Yes ∆ Cq value ≤ 5 No
Saliva No - Yes
Blood No - Yes