TruSeq Custom Amplicon Sample Prep Kit

Catalog IDs: FC-130-1001, FC-130-1003, FC-130-1006, FC-130-1007

TruSeq Custom Amplicon Features:

  • Amplify up to 1,536 amplicons in a single reaction and sequence up to 96 samples in a single MiSeq run.
  • Generate up to 1,536 amplicons across 96 samples within a single plate, with less than 3 hours hands on time.
  • Easily create and manage projects using Illumina's online DesignStudio software.
  • Perform variant calling and analysis across all samples using simple on-instrument, automated analysis software.
  • Get the convenience of a fully integrated DNA-to-data solution including online probe design and ordering, assay, sequencing, automated data analysis and offline software for reviewing results.
TruSeq Custom Amplicon Calculator

This convenient tool will help you calculate your supported sample multiplexing level based on the number of targeted regions and desired coverage. A customer login is required.

TruSeq Custom Amplicon