HiSeq Analysis Software v2.1 Computing Requirements

Operating System

HiSeq Analysis Software v2.1 requires CentOS 6 (or later) with the standard set of included libraries, which are indicated in the RPM installer. HiSeq Analysis Software also requires the R statistical package, which is not specified in the RPM. For R statistical package installation procedures and a complete list of dependencies, see the HiSeq Analysis Software v2.1 User Guide.

Compute Hardware

Proper function and performance of HiSeq Analysis Software v2.1 requires specific compute architecture. Required hardware is required from a range of suppliers and manufacturers.

Illumina recommends the following architecture for analyzing data from the HiSeq X Ten System. The recommendation does not include archival storage.

  • Resilient NAS solution serving CIFS and NFS
    • A minimum of 100 TB usable storage capacity with performance > 2 GB/s. To retain data after analysis, additional capacity is needed.
    • Multiple 10 Gb or 40 Gb network links
  • Resilient 10 Gb network
  • 26 servers, each with the following:
    • Dual 10 Core CPUs each at 2.8 GHz
    • 128 GB 1867 MHz memory
    • 6 TB useable local storage capacity with performance > 500 MB/s
    • 10 GB/sec ethernet adapters