Windows 10 Upgrades

Microsoft is ending support of the Windows 7 operating system (OS) in 2020. The end of support (EOS) date is January 2020 for Windows 7 Professional, and October 2020 for Windows 7 Embedded. To ensure that our customers have access to the latest security enhancements and best system performance, Illumina has built a Windows 10 upgrade solution that will be available for customers across all active systems.

Affected Instruments

  • MiniSeq, MiSeq, MiSeqDx, NextSeq, and some iScan Systems
    These systems use Windows 7 Embedded and will be supported through October 2020. New software packages built on the Windows 10 OS are being developed for these systems.
  • Infinium Tecan and some iScan Systems
    These systems use Windows 7 Professional and will be supported through January 2020.
  • HiSeq Systems
    Illumina will provide Microsoft Windows 7 extended support update licenses.
  • NovaSeq, NextSeqDx, and iSeq Systems
    These systems already use Windows 10 and do not need to transition.

Windows 10 Benefits

  • Enhanced security reduces the risk of data being compromised.
  • Performance is improved, compared to earlier Windows versions.
  • Windows 10 has increased stability and will continue to receive support and security updates. For details, see the Illumina Security page.

Anticipated Availability of Windows 10 Upgrade

NextSeq Control Software
4.0 and higher
Available 2H 2019*
MiSeq Control Software
4.0 and higher
Available 2H 2020*
MiniSeq Control Software
2.0 and higher
Available 1H 2020*
MiSeqDx Operating Software
4.0 and higher
Available 2H 2020*
iScan Control Software
4.0 and higher
Available 1H 2020*
Illumina Automation Control
Available 1H 2020*

*Availability date is subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to prepare for the upgrade?
    We recommend that you inform your organization's IT team regarding the upgrade to ensure rapid connection back to your network. A pre-upgrade checklist will be provided when the upgrade is scheduled.
  • Will my instrument be impacted if I stay on Windows 7?
    While your instrument will continue to function normally, we encourage you to upgrade to Windows 10. Using an unsupported operating system increases the risk of exposure to malware. If your systems remain on Windows 7, you should take appropriate steps to minimize exposure.
  • Who is responsible for upgrading the instrument?
    When you are ready to upgrade your instrument, we will work with you to schedule a visit from an Illumina Field Service Engineer who will perform the upgrade.
  • Can I upgrade the instrument on my own?
    To ensure the best possible experience, the upgrade requires a visit from an Illumina Field Service Engineer.
  • How can I get an upgrade?
    Illumina will be rolling out the upgrades by platform. We will send a customer notification when an upgrade for your instrument becomes available.
  • What is the cost to upgrade?
    There is a fee for the upgrade (varies per instrument and service contract status).
  • How can I get more information about this upgrade?
    This page will be updated as we get more details, including information about specific system upgrades, new features, and scheduling.