Manage Data/Sharing Data

Sharing Data

When you share data in BaseSpace Sequence Hub, you give collaborators access to it while you retain ownership and write access. To transfer ownership of data, see Transfer Ownership.

Share data with collaborators in the following ways:

Add collaborators to a workgroup—Workgroup collaborators automatically gain read and write access to all data in the workgroup. For information about sharing data between Enterprise accounts (eg, illumina.com) and Personal or Professional accounts, see Create Workgroups and Assign Administrators.
Share a project—Grant access to a project and any associated biosamples, libraries, analyses, and data sets.
Share a run—Grant read-only access to a specific run. Associated biosamples, libraries, analyses, and data sets are not shared. However, some biosample names appear on run data pages.


Runs and projects have separate permissions. When you share a run, the associated project is not automatically shared. Biosamples and other resources are not accessible to collaborators of a run.

To share FASTQ data sets without sharing project data, download the data set and share it separately. Shared data cannot be used in biosample workflow files because biosamples are not transferred.