Product Compatibility

Requirements & Compatibility

Sample Information

Use the following options to record information about your samples, such as sample ID and which index adapters are used for pooling. 

Library Preparation

See MiniSeq Applications for possible applications.

After preparing libraries, denature and dilute libraries to a loading concentration of approximately 1.8 pM. For instructions, see MiniSeq System Denature and Dilute Libraries Guide.

Analysis Options

Additional Resources

Custom Protocol Selector—Generate customized end-to-end workflow instructions based on the Illumina products you use for library prep, sequencing, and analysis.

Library Prep Kit Selector—Helps you determine the best kit for your needs based on your project type, starting material, and the method or application. Includes recommended run parameters and analysis options.

Sequencing Coverage Calculator—Helps you determine the appropriate run parameters for the desired coverage for your experiment.