TruSeq DNA HT Sample Prep Kit

Catalog IDs: FC-121-2003


The TruSeq DNA LT and HT Sample Prep kits have been discontinued. Please contact your local Account Manager if you need assistance in transitioning to the new suite of TruSeq Sample Prep Kits: TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Sample Prep or TruSeq Nano DNA Sample Prep.


  • Easy-to-use 96-well plate, pre-loaded with 96 unique index combinations.
  • Robust dual index system.
  • Utilizes established TruSeq sample preparation workflows.
  • Designed for manual or automated preparation.
  • Compatible with all Illumina sequencers.
  • End-to-end solution from sample prep to data analysis.


  • Simple and scalable solution for preparing high-quality libraries.
  • Increased operational efficiency, therefore reducing costs.
  • Reduced risk of sample mix-ups.
  • Increased sample throughput per sequencing run.

See the following HiSeq 2500 demo data sets. Fastq and vcf/bam files are available:

TruSeq DNA HT Sample Preparation Kit