Windows 7 ESU Activation

Preparing for the ESU license

Complete the Prerequisites for Windows 7 ESU Licenses.

When the preparation steps are complete, email technical support according to the instructions.

Activating the ESU license

Your system must be connected to the Internet to activate the license.

  1. Open an elevated command prompt:
    1. On the instrument computer, select the Windows logo.
    2. Type cmd in the dialog box and press Enter.
  2. Type slmgr /ipk <ESU license key> and press Enter.
  3. At the confirmation message, click OK.
  4. At the elevated command prompt, type slmgr /dlv and press Enter.
  5. Note the Activation ID.
  6. At the elevated command prompt, type slmgr /ato <Activation ID > and press Enter.
    On activation, a dialog box shows the ESU SKU number and a confirmation message.
    ESU for Windows 7 SP1 (Client) ESU SKU
    Year 1 77db037b-95c3-48d7-a3ab-a9c6d41093e0
    Year 2 0e00c25d-8795-4fb7-9572-3803d91b6880
    Year 3 4220f546-f522-46df-8202-4d07afd26454
  7. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Verifying the ESU license

You can check the license status at any time:

  • At the elevated command prompt type slmgr /dlv and press Enter.