Import Biological Samples

Use the following steps to import biological samples from an external .csv file.

This method is appropriate for samples that are not prepared into libraries and do not have assigned indexes. If you have prepared libraries or assigned indexes to samples, use Import Sample Libraries.

1. From the runs page, select New Run, and then select Prep Tab.
2. From the Prep page, select Biological Samples.
3. Select Import.
4. [Optional] Create a .csv file as follows.
  1. Select the spreadsheet image to download a template.
  2. Complete the following fields for each sample:
    • Sample ID—Enter a unique sample ID.
    • Name—Enter a descriptive name for the biological sample.
    • [Optional] Species—Enter the appropriate species.
    • Project—Enter the name of the project to save samples to. The selected project is the default project that contains biosample data output.
    • Nucleic Acid—Enter RNA or DNA.
  3. Save the file.
5. Select Choose .csv File.
6. Browse to the appropriate file and select Open.

Information from the .csv file populates the Biological Samples page.

7. [Optional] Select additional samples as follows.
  1. Select Save & Continue Later.
  2. Select the checkbox for each sample you want to use.
8. Select Prep Libraries.