Manage Your Account/Regional Instances

Regional Instances

Regional instances are instances of BaseSpace Sequence Hub deployed upon Amazon Web Services in areas outside the United States.

The following descriptions apply to all regional instances except BaseSpace Sequence Hub Beijing. For information about data management in China, see BaseSpace Sequence Hub Beijing.

Regional data are separate from data stored in the US.
Regional instances use the same login credentials as the US instance, so you can use your BaseSpace Sequence Hub US account to sign in to your regional BaseSpace Sequence Hub instance.
Data cannot be transferred directly between instances, however you can download and share data separately.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub US servers are located in Northern Virginia. The following table lists data locations and URLs for regional instances.

Regional Instance

Data Location


BaseSpace Sequence Hub—Australia

Sydney, Australia


BaseSpace Sequence Hub—Canada

Montreal, Canada


BaseSpace Sequence Hub—Beijing

Beijing, China


BaseSpace Sequence Hub—EU

Frankfurt, Germany


BaseSpace Sequence Hub—EUW2

London, UK