Revision History

Revision History



Description of Change

Document # 1000000009008 v05

September 2020

Added instructions for using the file archive feature.

Updated run planning information:

Added instructions for Instrument Run Setup.
Moved Prep tab run setup location to Runs page.
Added guidance for uploading samples or prepared libraries in Prep tab.
Added well and index field descriptions to library import template instructions.

Updated analysis information:

Changed Pending Analysis status name to Queued for Analysis.
Noted that analyses in a processing state cannot be deleted.
Consolidated instructions for optional fields in biosample workflow files.

Updated list of regional instances.

Removed obsolete FAQ and What's New sections.

Removed iCredit rates and billing details.

Added Technical Support contact information.

Removed My Data tab.

Document # 1000000009008 v04

November 2018

Added instructions for the following procedures:
Unlocking biosamples
Renaming a workgroup
Deactivating shared data links
Specifying user access level for shared data
Updated instructions for the following procedures:
Adding users to a workgroup
Sharing data by link or email
Managing access to shared data
Fixing indexes and requeuing FASTQ generation
Fixing sample sheets
Viewing run data
Uploading miscellaneous file types
Associating uploaded files with biosamples
Changed the fixed sample sheet requeue limit to five.
Added new analysis statuses.
Added descriptions of new run chart and metric features.
Added explanation of automatic data deletion.
Added tables to describe the status of data in shared or transferred runs and projects.
Added China instance and updated description of Frankfurt instance.
Updated data aggregation description.
Removed descriptions of obsolete sample charts.
Corrected definition of strand bias.
Noted that Enterprise and China instances do not use the same user accounts as standard BaseSpace Sequence Hub.
Noted that dashes and underscores are permitted in biosample names.
Noted that billing periods use a 4-4-5 fiscal calendar.

Document # 1000000009008 v03

November 2017

Updated software descriptions:

Added instructions for unlocking aggregated biosamples
Added descriptions for proxy downloading and automatic data deletion

Document # 1000000009008 v02

October 2017

Updated software descriptions:

Added instructions for changing password
Added instructions for using Classic/New toggle button
Expanded information about biosample aggregation and added instructions for requeuing mis‑aggregated biosamples

Document # 1000000009008 v01

August 2017

Added descriptions and instructions for new software features in v5.0:

Redesigned toolbar
Updated file downloader
Biosamples and data sets replace samples and appresults
Biosample Workflows
Automatic Lane and Analysis QC
Manual QC
Auto-launched Analysis Workflows
Automatic status updates

Document # 1000000009008 v00

February 2016

Initial release.