Manage Cases/Edit Owner and Status

Edit Case Owner and Status

You can edit the case owner and status when you are viewing a case. Users with Privileged access can close and reopen cases. For information about assigning an owner to multiple cases, see Assign a Case Owner to Multiple Cases.

If a case has a data processing status (eg. Action Required), the status is displayed in the registry page. The data processing status is not editable.

1. From the Cases tab, select an analysis result to open the case.
2. In the Case summary heading, point to the Owner name and select Edit .
3. To change the status, select the Status drop-down arrow and then select a status. Case status can be progressed in the order listed.
Pending Review—The analysis result has been imported and is ready to review.
In Progress—The case interpretation is in progress. Select this status to reopen a closed case.
Awaiting Approval—The case interpretation is complete and ready for approval.
Closed—The case is closed and can no longer be edited. The PDF associated with the case closure is available in the Case History.


When you close a case, BaseSpace Variant Interpreter automatically generates a final PDF report and saves it in the Case History page.

4. To assign an owner, select the Owner drop-down arrow and then select a new owner from the list.
5. Select Update. The update is implemented and added to the Case History page.

Assign a Case Owner to Multiple Cases

1. From the Cases tab, select the cases you want to assign to an owner.
2. Select the Action drop-down arrow, and then select Assign.
3. In the Assign Owner dialog, select an owner from the drop-down list, and then select Update.