Manage Cases/Set Up a Case

Set Up a Case

The first time you open a case, the software might prompt for certain metadata. Use the following instructions to add a subject to the case. If a subject has been added to the case, use Edit Subject Metadata and Edit Sample Metadata to add case metadata.

1. From the case, select Add Subject.
2. From the Add Subject/Sample dialog box, do as follows.
  1. [Optional] To add the case to a project, enter the project ID in the Project field.
  2. Enter the subject ID in the Subject field.
  3. Select the Sex drop-down arrow, and then select the biological sex of the subject: Male or Female. If the Subject exists in the registry, this field is automatically filled.
  4. Enter the unique ID in the Sample field.
  5. Select the Sample Class drop-down arrow, and then select one of the following options:
    • Tumor-Only—Establishes a tumor analysis.
    • Tumor-Normal—Establishes a tumor analysis using paired and normal samples.
    • Germline—Establishes a germline analysis, and is the required setting for each sample used in family-based filtering.
    • Unknown—The sample class is unavailable, and the software defaults to a germline analysis.
  6. Select Submit to save changes and return to the case.