Manage Cases/Edit Subject Metadata

Edit Subject Metadata

Subject metadata includes parents, siblings, phenotypes, and indications for the subject of a case. Except for sex, all subject metadata are optional.

1. Select the Subjects tab.
2. From the Subjects Registry page, select a Subject ID.
3. From the Subject page, select Edit.
4. Complete or modify the following fields:
Subject—The unique ID for the subject.
Age—The age of the subject.
Sex—The biological sex of the subject.
Family ID—The unique ID for a family, when cases for parents or siblings are present in the software.
Mother—The subject ID for the mother of the subject.
Father—The subject ID for the father of the subject.
5. Add up to five siblings as follows.
  1. Select Add Family Member.
  2. Enter the subject ID for the sibling.
6. For each family member, select the Select Affection drop-down arrow, and then select an affection status.
Missing (0)—The affected status is not specified (missing the phenotype).
Missing (-9)—The affected status is not specified (missing data).
Unaffected—The indicated disease does not affect the subject.
Affected—The indicated disease affects the subject.
Unknown—It is not known if the indicated disease affects the subject.
7. Add one or more phenotypes as follows.
  1. In the Phenotype field, enter a disease or phenotype.
    As you type, a list of possible matches appears to assist your search. The name of the ontology is displayed in parentheses after the phenotype name.
  2. Select an entry from the list or press Enter to accept the first match.
  3. To remove an entry, select ×.
8. Select Save Changes.
9. To return to the case, select the name of the analysis result.