Manage Cases/Edit Sample Metadata

Edit Sample Metadata

Sample metadata establishes a germline or tumor analysis and provides details on tumor samples. Except for sample ID, sample class, and tumor type, all sample metadata are optional.

1. From the Cases tab, select an analysis result to open the case.
2. Select Edit.
3. Enter the sample ID in the Sample Name field.
4. Select the Sample Class drop-down arrow, and then select one of the following options:
Tumor-Only—Establishes a tumor analysis.
Tumor-Normal—Establishes a tumor analysis of paired and normal samples.
Germline—Establishes a germline analysis, and is the required setting for each sample used in family-based filtering.
Unknown—The sample class is unavailable, and the software defaults to a germline analysis.
5. Select the Sample Type drop-down arrow, and then select the primary sample type.
6. Add metadata describing a tumor sample as follows.
  1. Enter the tumor type in the Tumor Type field. As you type, a list of possible matches appears to assist your search. The name of the ontology is displayed in parentheses after the phenotype name.
  2. Enter the location of sample extraction in the Harvest Site field.
  3. Select the tumor site, Primary or Metastasis.
  4. Enter the Purity Assessment value, 01.
7. Enter any general notes about the sample in the Comments field.
8. Select Save Changes.