Requirements & Compatibility

SBS Kits for the HiSeq 2000

Cluster Kits for the HiSeq 2000

Sequencing Primers for Dual-Indexed Libraries

Sequencing primers provided in the TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box are required for sequencing the following libraries on the HiSeq 2000:

  • Any Nextera libraries with any number of indices for single-read or paired-end runs. Use the single-read kit with single-read flow cells, and the paired-end kit with paired-end flow cells.
  • TruSeq HT libraries when performing a dual-indexed run on a single-read flow cell.

For instructions, see the HiSeq 2000 User Guide.

Kit and Software Versions

Cluster Kit Version

SBS Kit Version

Software Version

HiSeq Cluster Kit v4 with Flow Cell v4 HiSeq SBS Kit v4 HCS v2.2 or later

TruSeq Cluster Kit v3 with Flow Cell v3

TruSeq SBS Kit v3

HCS v1.4 or later


Software Version

TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box

HCS v1.5 / RTA v1.13, or later