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Work with expert Illumina instructors and get hands-on training on this product in your own lab. Learn more about the Nextera DNA Library Prep Kit instructor-led course.

Training Videos

Online Course Title Description Length
Illumina Experiment Manager

This course provides an introduction to Illumina Experiment Manager, and shows you the steps to create sample plates and sample sheets.

25 min
Nextera DNA Sample Prep

After completing this course you will be able to describe the items necessary to run Nextera DNA sample preparation assay to generate MiSeq sequence-ready libraries, describe the steps in Nextera DNA sample preparation workflow, and identify some of the assay's most important considerations.

Languages: Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese

20 min
Nextera Sample Prep: Best Practices

After completing this course you will be able to determine appropriate starting material, perform critical techniques used in the sample prep process, and accurately validate the final libraries. Note that the best practices presented in this course do not apply to the Nextera™ DNA Flex Library Prep Kit.


30 min