Product Compatibility

Sample Information

Before preparing libraries, record information about your samples using the available options for your sequencing system.

Sequencing Guidelines

After library preparation, denature and dilute libraries to the appropriate loading concentration using the instructions for standard normalized libraries.

Additional Sequencing Primers

If using TruSeq Cluster Kit v3 on the cBot and HiSeq, additional primers from the TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box are required.

Sequencing libraries with the NextSeq, MiSeq, or HiSeq rapid run reagents does not require any additional sequencing primers.

Additional Resources

Custom Protocol Selector—Generate customized end-to-end workflow instructions based on the Illumina products you use for library prep, sequencing, and analysis.

Library Prep Kit Selector—Helps you determine the best kit for your needs based on your project type, starting material, and the method or application. Includes recommended run parameters and analysis options.

Sequencing Coverage Calculator—Helps you determine the appropriate run parameters for the desired coverage for your experiment.