MiSeq Reporter Computing Requirements

Viewing Data

MiSeq Reporter runs on the instrument computer. However, you must view the analysis progress from a web browser on another computer connected to the same network as your MiSeq.

MiSeq Reporter analyzes base calls from the Real-Time Analysis (RTA) software and produces information about alignment, structural variants, and contig assemblies for each genome requested and each sample based on the analysis workflow specified in the sample sheet.


Computing Requirements

You can install a copy of MiSeq Reporter on a separate computer to analyze run data while the MiSeq system performs a subsequent run. MiSeq Reporter requires the following computing specifications:

  • 64-bit Windows OS (Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 64-bit, English version with English-US regional settings)
  • ≥ 16 GB RAM; ≥ 32 GB RAM recommended
  • ≥ 1 TB disk space
  • Quad core processor (2.8 GHz, or higher)
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 (.NET 4.0 for MiSeq Reporter v2.5 and earlier)

Installation and Licensing

  • After downloading a second copy of the MiSeq Reporter software, open the software installer (*.exe), and accept the end-user licensing agreement (EULA).
  • A license key is not required because the additional copy included with your MiSeq System.