iSeq 100 Sequencing System

iSeq 100 Reagents

iSeq 100 i1 Reagents include enough reagents to perform 318 cycles. The reagents are currently available in one kit size (300-cycles) and two configurations (single and four-pack).

Kit Name

Catalog #

iSeq 100 i1 Reagents


iSeq 100 i1 Reagents 4-pack


iSeq 100 System Software

The iSeq 100 System Software Suite includes the following components:

iSeq Control Software—Controls instrument operations and guides you through the run setup steps before a sequencing run.

Real-Time Analysis (RTA) software—Extracts intensities from images to perform base calling, and then assigns a quality score to the base call. The iSeq 100 System uses RTA2.

iSeq 100 System recipes—Provide system operation instructions for use with iSeq 100 i1 Reagents.

Universal Copy Service—Copies output files from RTA2 and transfers data to BaseSpace Sequence Hub when the instrument is configured for use with BaseSpace Sequence Hub.