Upgrade Resources

MiSeq Upgrade FAQs
Frequently asked questions about MiSeq upgrade components.

MiSeq Data Sheet
MiSeq performance and system specifications.

MiSeq Software Updates
Downloadable installers with updated MiSeq software.

MiSeq Software Release Notes
Information about features and changes introduced in the updated MiSeq software.

Support Bulletins:
Changes in MiSeq v3 Chemistry Intensity Profiles
Library Denaturation Considerations for MiSeq v3 Sequencing Runs
MiSeq v3 Sample Prep Normalization Recommendations
Want to Know More About MiSeq v3? Upcoming Webinars

Coverage Calculator
Calculates the reagents and sequencing runs needed to meet the desired coverage for your experiment.

Current Software and Consumables

MiSeq Control Software (MCS) v2.6

MiSeq Reporter v2.6

MiSeq Reagent Kit v3

Illumina MiSeq