Introductory Courses

Online Course Title Description Length
NovaSeq: Preparing for Your Install

This course introduces lab requirements, computing requirements, and delivery considerations for the NovaSeq 6000 System. It also discusses the consumables required for running and maintaining the instrument.

15 min
NovaSeq: System Overview

This course introduces the features of the NovaSeq System, the steps in the sequencing workflow, and the NovaSeq sequencing technology.

20 min

Instruments & Software

Online Course Title Description Length
NovaSeq: How to Start a Run

This course introduces the steps to start a NovaSeq sequencing run, prepare the consumables, and use the NovaSeq Control Software.

20 min
NovaSeq: Xp Workflow

This video demonstrates the NovaSeq™ Xp workflow, including NovaSeq flow cell preparation, ExAmp and library master mix preparation, and manually loading libraries onto the flow cell.

10 min