Transitioning to Nextera DNA Flex on the iSeq 100 System

Step-by-step workflow transition guidance from Illumina Support experts, including specific considerations for viral and bacterial whole genome sequencing. 


Transitioning to a new NGS workflow requires careful planning. And importantly, the path to implementation will vary by user depending on the current solution being used and the particular set of needs that must be addressed. For this reason, a customized support resource providing the right information at each step can be helpful in ensuring an efficient, rapid, and smooth experience.

Towards that end, this webpage supports the transition to Nextera DNA Flex on the iSeq 100 System. For each step of this process you will find key questions and answers that outlines and addresses top considerations and concerns based on input from Illumina Support and fellow users.

Transition Process

Steps Description
Initial Considerations
  • Total protocol time
  • Additional training
Implementation Best Practices: Sample PreparationLibrary Preparation, Sequencing, and Data Analysis
  • Key considerations
  • Differences to expect
  • Required consumables and equipment
  • Links to resources

Additional Support Resources

Visit the support pages for Nextera DNA Flex and the iSeq 100 System on the Illumina website for documentation, software downloads, training resources, and information about compatible Illumina products.